VC Pitch Deck Template Comes Recommended by First Round Capital

The market slide is vital, but don’t go on stating numbers without backing them with sources. And if you’ve done the calculation yourself, do share those calculations while presenting your deck. This is where investors see their investment’s future ROI.

To date, the company has raised nearly $550 million in funding over 14 rounds. This pitch deck also takes an innovative approach by pitch deck team slide at the end to encourage contact. You can find out more about color psychology and color schemes in our comprehensive guide. Front’s pitch deck offers a great example of using an attractive color scheme to your advantage.

CAC should include all your sales and marketing expenses. With this option, list important solution features and benefits down the left side of your table. Note that “”important”” is what your target customers consider valuable, not you. With five features/benefits plus yourself and three major competitors, you would end up with a 5×4 grid.

This will help anyone interested write down your information as event organizers get things ready. This clean pitch deck template has all the sections you need and nothing you don’t. In this navy version of the Uber pitch deck template, we’ve added bright colors and creative layouts. We don’t have enough information on the founders to make any real judgments, so this is a wasted opportunity–it leaves us with more questions than answers.

The solution you present needs to seem like a natural fit for the problem you’re solving. Write out a list of questions investors could ask, especially metrics, and make sure you can answer every one of them in a clear and credible way. You need to demonstrate a solid grasp of your business to be taken seriously as a founder. The metrics and data slide is one of the most impressive in the pitch deck. While it may be to difficult to compare to the actual data it is a powerful narrative for the pitch.

The outline of the investor deck mainly focuses on your startup’s growth metrics and traction. Aspire’s simple pitch deck graphics allow investors to grasp their unique business idea at a glance. Plus, by introducing the audience to one of their customers and describing how insect farming has impacted her food budget, the concept is made relatable to many. The best pitch decks tell the real story about your company or brand. You should not only want to sell the audience on your product, but also on the hard work you’ve done building it from the ground up. Your elevator pitch is a written summary of your pitch deck that an investor can skim in 30 seconds or less.

Neither were venture-backed, but they showed that these team members were already entrepreneurs at a young age. Tie your ask back to the financial model on your Financials slide. In my example below, Gleamr asks for the $2M they need to execute Year 1 of their business plan.

Here’s a pitch deck template inspired by LinkedIn to get you started. Here’s a pitch deck template inspired by Piccsy to get you started. Here’s a pitch deck template inspired by Front to get you started. Here’s a pitch deck template inspired by Biogrify to get you started. Here’s a pitch deck template inspired by Crew to get you started. What’s less commonly seen are the people who’ve already taken an interest in your work.

Sometimes just looking at design ideas and learning the in’s-and-out’s of your product can be enough. Not everyone’s an artist, but you don’t need to be one to create a great pitch deck. If you don’t have any interested parties yet, no problem; simply add quotes from satisfied customers or workers. However, for those lucky enough to already have some investors, this is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of. The company is one of the first to release their pitch deck publicly, not only helping others with their decks, but illustrating goodwill. Buffer’s pitch deck is a great example of transparency and believing in your product.

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