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Invite the crew, throw on some food, and let the four burners of the GS4 grilling system take charge while you enjoy the company. The large cooking area and four burners allow you to sear steaks on one end, while veggies roast in the middle, and chicken roasts to the side. Place serving trays in the open-cart so that everything you need is at your fingertips. With the superior GS4 grilling system, the Genesis® II barbecue is a one-stop-shop for any large family or barbecue enthusiast who loves to entertain.

The gas barbecues from Weber are for enthusiastic barbecue fans. A weber gas bbq is particularly easy and versatile to use and a guarantee for high-quality grilling results. You won’t loose any precious time lighting the firelighters, because you can light the burner quickly and easily. Adjust the temperature of the gas barbecue to perfectly grill your meat, fish, or vegetables.

Many of our happy customers often ask if the Outdoor Scene staff can assemble their Weber barbeque for them, and the answer is almost always yes! If you are considering a Weber gas barbecue, and live locally to Dublin, we highly recommend taking advantage of this assembly offer. This assembly option includes connecting up your gas so your Weber barbeque will be ready fire up as soon as the barbecue assembly is complete. Grill smart with the incredible Weber Genesis EPX-435 Smart Gas Barbecue. This incredible BBQ comes with all the features you need for a great grill along with Weber Connect Technology for the perfect grilling experience. The Weber Genesis E-325S contains everything you need in a barbecue.

Whether you have a charcoal, gas or electric barbecue, the options are endless. The ease and convenience of outdoor gas grilling is the perfect excuse to call friends and grill out. The Weber Gas Grills come with Great style, new features and a model to fit everyone’s needs. All the features of Weber Gas Grills can make you the best Griller around and Discover What’s Possible with Weber Gas Grills. Also featuring Weber’s largest and hottest Sear Zone and expandable top cooking grate that allows you to barbecue a full restaurant quality meal in one go. Enjoy a crisp morning in your backyard while the family sleeps in, and a rich aroma of breakfast infuses the air, courtesy of your favourite grill companion.

Adding a few small chips of wood to the charcoal will give your meat a more traditionally smoked flavor. Placing a pan of water underneath the grates where you will be putting your meat will help to catch drippings, keep the meat more moist, and enable the smoke to adhere better to the meat. Inside the grill, your grate material is also very important. Stainless-steel grates are inexpensive and lightweight, but you’ll need to clean them with a great grill brush after every session.

This grill’s open cart design provides additional storage space for your favorite tools, and it has integrated hooks on the side tables, as well. The grill is available in several colors, and it has an easy-to-read fuel gauge next to the propane tank to let you know how much fuel you have remaining. Our tester said its performance, advanced design features, and warranty make this “”worth the splurge.”” Whether they use propane or natural gas, have two burners or six, large Weber outdoor grills are perfect for backyard BBQs to cater to your friends and family. Make sure to shop Weber grill covers and Weber cleaners to keep your gas Weber grill in top shape all year long.

The best-selling Spirit series of gas grills are back with more to love! Designed to kick-start your love of gas grilling, choose from two to three burners, with unique features, such as Sear Station and Side Burner. The Weber Summit E-670 is a jam-packed six-burner gas barbecue with features to make your grilling experience the best it can be.

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