Residential Security Solution : Do You Really Know Who is Home?

Security and Home Automation Packages curated to be affordable and simple for you and your family. We have been using Blackbird Security concierges for over 2 years at our building and I have nothing but great things to say about them. The residents have given us great feedback about the concierge personnel Blackbird has placed at the front desk and I would highly recommend this company to other stratas and property management companies. Our alarm monitoring team are available 24/7 with a reliable and fast response. When an alarm is triggered, our team responds within minutes, assessing the scene, addressing the cause of the alarm and providing a detailed report of their findings. No matter where you are, you’ll instantly know what triggered the alarm, and what our guards found at the scene.

The answer to this question largely depends on how much protection you want to add to your residence or place of business. Residential security cameras are one of the best security devices ever invented for residential security. Apart from watching and inadvertently keeping your house protected, security cameras are available for both interior and outdoor use. Additionally, they frequently come with HD resolution as well as additional functions like two-way conversation, night vision, and mobile phone controls. Joseph Ferdinando is the founder of Building Security Services, a company that provides security solutions to businesses and organizations.

It can be tricky choosing a security system that efficiently meets your needs. Business security systems often incorporate more complex security system features such as access control systems and surveillance cameras. Here is a closer look at some of the security services we offer and security systems we can deploy. While some security companies only operate in the UK, Phoenix Group is able to provide professional residential security services worldwide. This means that not only can we fulfil your security needs at home, but we can also ensure you feel safe when travelling abroad.

Residential security guards are highly regarded and typically employed to protect their principal’s homes, family members, belongings and assets from any risk or potential threat. The most qualified candidates will be trained in total protective services and likely to be former emergency or armed services personnel, but this is not always the case. The Off Duty Officers security personnel will create this strong first impression, while still being that friendly face that your residents appreciate.

A residential surveillance system is a closed-circuit television system used to keep vigilance on a residential address. Residential surveillance systems can be as simple as a single camera to watch a single room or as complex as many cameras arranged in a grid pattern to monitor the whole home. Let Residential Security show you and yours the peace of mind of security and cabling solutions that work for you. Some of the topics our security guard professionals are taught include First Aid/CPR/AED and Fire/Life Safety. We know that luxury and high-rise condos have unique security needs, which is why we have implemented a School of Residential Security to fully-train our security professionals on these buildings’ particular needs. Alarm Monitoring System– We use an intrusion, fire and burglary alarm monitoring system to protect residents and guests and notify first responders right away.

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