How to buy Valorant and Radianite points through UniPin

Valorant Points are used to buy premium content in Valorant including gun skins, bundles and more. You’ll bank some additional points with the base reward when you purchase your VALORANT points in anything above the cheapest tier. Basically, VALORANT rewards you and other players by ordering your points in bulk. After choosing your agent, you will prepare yourself before the round begins by purchasing armor and weapons. There is a good range of weapons and playstyles in Valorant that you can adapt with. Some of your tactical abilities might need a recharge too so you might want to keep a lookt at them in the shop menu as well.

You will be asked to enter it every time you make a transaction. Players can see how much money they have spent on their account buying VALORANT Points by navigating to the “”Checking Your Purchase History””page and logging in. For any support /redemption-related queries, kindly approach the Riot Support team for assistance. buy vp, Steam Codes, Google Play Recharge and PlayStation Wallet codes.

Players can see how much money they have spent on their account buying VALORANT Points by using a Riot Support article for “”Checking Your Purchase History””. To earn Kingdom Points, simply hop onto a game of Valorant and play it all the way till the end. You’ll get bonus points for your first win of the day and for winning more rounds in a game. Until this issue is fixed, fans can enjoy the new Act in Episode 6 with the new Initiator Agent, Gekko, and try out his abilities. One can also go around in custom games to get the hang of Gekko’s lineups. Once in the Valorant tab, enter an active email address into the first section.

Then use your credit card or another payment method to finalize the purchase. It doesn’t matter if you are an old Valorant fan or just thinking of getting into it, we offer you a Valorant Gift Card deal at a cheaper price. Valorant Gift Card – 280 Valorant Points is the perfect present for anyone playing Valorant game or trying it for the first time.

Give them a VALORANT Gift Card and defeat your enemies across the globe! Just pick a value and add a printable gift card at checkout without extra cost. While the value of VALORANT Points is pretty consistent in different regions, the prices differ due to currency variations. Check out our tables that show the different prices expected in three popular currencies.

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