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I got one of these Glarry Strat copies for 62 bucks shipped and feel it was a great value for me. I agree that it may not be the best choice for beginning guitar players, but it is a GREAT choice for beginning luthiers. That is to say you can fiddle with it to your heart’s content and no ruin your best guitar. I wound up replacing the (soft-ish plastic) nut ($3.00) and am replacing the pickups ($17- another cheap choice, perhaps i may go further) and i my try shaving the thick-ish neck. BTW I got a left-y model, and flipped it right-y, Jimi Hendrix style, and my risk is still less than 100 bucks!

The GST3 is a Stratocaster copy and generally sounds like one. The three single coil pickups and a 5-way selector switch provide you with all the stereotypical Stratocaster tones you’d expect. From fat, lead tones on the neck, to treble-rich rhythm tones near the bridge, each selector switch position sounds different.

Cort was founded in 1960 as an importer of pianos by Jung-gyu Park, father of current CEO Young-ho Park. At that time, the company was called Soo Doh Piano. The business slowly evolved from a piano importer to a manufacturer and sales division, then finally into a guitar manufacturer in 1973. At this early stage of the company’s history, Soo Doh Piano was strictly an OEM supplier to other foreign brand name companies. Cort began production of headless guitars in 1984 with designs exclusively licensed from Ned Steinberger for Cort’s own brand as well as for brands like Hohner and Kramer. The company is one of the largest guitar makers in the world, and produces instruments for many other companies.

In closing, this guitar is one worth buying because of the cheap price tag, quick free shipping from the good ol’ USA and all that the instruments come with. In the box includes a thin vinyl gig bag, light guitar strap, firm pick, 1/4” mono instrument cable and whammy bar. Pretty much all one needs is a tuner to start playing immediately. Even the strings included with the guitar feels nice and sound descent. The excellent customer service team is also ready to take care of any problems you may come across with your Glarry GST electric guitar.

The build quality is better than id anticipated for the price. Bought this one and was very impressed with the overall quality. Just did a little setup and popped a black pick guard on and it’s a really nice guitar.

If a customer is not satisfied with their purchase, they can return the product for a full refund within 30 days of receiving it. Just got my hands on a new set of strings for my guitar, and the difference is night and day. The tone is richer and the feel is way better.

It plays, it eventually gets in tune, and it’s super cheap, all good things to consider when buying an instrument. I also can’t recommend the GST3 enough as a guitar to hot-rod or modify in your spare time. Even the simplest of modifications can turn this into an awesome Stratocaster-alternative.

Maybe they get your toes tapping, or get you pumped up and ready to take on the world. Regardless of your musical preferences, the odds are that one thing all of our favorite songs have in common is an absolutely killer bass line. The bass has played a key role in holding down the rhythm throughout the history of popular music, and continues to make an impact to this day. Now it’s your time to make your mark on this instrument with some serious grooves of your own. You’ll find bass guitars for every skill level and playing style in this section. While I don’t think any beginners should use this a student guitar, I do think it is worth the price for players needing a backup, project, or throw-around guitar.

On the other hand, the Blue Sunset finish was great, and the guitar arrived with no chips or dings. Furthermore, while many of the components are cheap, the guitar itself isn’t built poorly. The routing is all correct and to scale, meaning that the guitar could be made more playable by simply swapping out parts. The scale length is as advertised, and there were no physical signs of damage or errors. Set up was a breeze and the sound is insane.

As a guitar teacher, I am always looking for an instrument that will keep the student motivated without breaking the bank. I also work with my local bluegrass association to find resources for young aspiring musicians. For years, these youngsters have had to struggle with starter guitars that need the strength of a bull to hold down the strings or go out of tune with every downstroke. Glarry Music offers a 30-day return policy for all products.

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